From the past some years, padlocks lose its importance to some extent after the introduction of deadbolt-based locks into the market. Such types of locks are widely accepted by people of almost every region. Locksmith Dallas Tx also recommends installing deadbolt-based security primarily on the main doors. Now a common question arises into the mind of people, what makes deadbolt lock so special? Design-wise it may be similar to traditionally used padlocks but in terms of functionality, there is a difference. While comparison with padlocks, the working of deadbolt locks is not based on springs. Pins located inside of deadbolt lock can be moved aside by using force applied with the help of its key.

It can be easy to pick padlocks but difficult to pick deadbolt-based locks. In terms of design in most of the cases, you can find deadbolt locks installed permanently in the doors without taking help from latches. They do not contain any shackle that we can generally see in padlock types of locks.