Home safes are an imperative element in an overall residential security strategy. No matter how good your alarm system or other safekeeping precautions, you are still at risk of somebody gaining illegal access to your home. This risk may come from an important person you trust, such as a workman performing some work in your home. So good home safes are essential as a last line of defense in your overall house security strategy.

There are a number of different types of house safes. Some are designed mainly to protect valuable documents from damage due to fire. These are typically small, chest-style safes that open from the top. As these can be easily carried off, they are not recommended as part of a strategy against burglars. We are primarily concerned with wall safes and standing cabinet style home safes which cannot be easily carried off. Wall safes make good home safes if they are well-hidden. Because they are built of reasonably thin materials in order to fit inside interior walls, they are not very burglar-proof. So unless they are well-hidden, they may not offer very much security. Locksmith Alexandria brings into use the most updated and unique devices.