The padlock series of locks is considered as one of the most special locks. Such type of lock is responsible for bringing a revolution in the locksmith industry. A padlock is one of the oldest locks, of almost one century old, and such locks are still used in services by the locksmith. With a lot of experiments and up-gradation locksmith introduce four different types of padlock. These are combination-based padlocks, simple key oriented padlocks, vertical motion-based padlocks, and horizontal motion-based padlocks. In terms of design, these locks are available in many different sizes and formats. There is no doubt in considering that padlocks are very useful in fulfilling all types of demands regarding security.

Today the demand for handy padlocks is increased sharply within the tourist industry. People carry it with themselves and use them for securing bags and luggage while traveling. Sandy Locksmith still recommends padlock series of locks for securing an apartment.