As per locksmiths, different types of locks are used for different purposes. Padlock series of locks are most famous in the tourist industry. Tourists travel worldwide and for them securing their luggage or bags is a challenge. Tourists now days use handy padlocks for locking their bag zips and along with that they also prefer to tie bag zips by using metal string or zip locks. Metal string and zip locks are not placed under the category of locking device but generally recognized as locking accessories. For securing the main gate of the residential and commercial sector, locksmith suggested going for installing deadbolt locks. It is one of the heaviest locks. Without using heavy explosives breaking of such locks are close to impossible.

Locksmith Acworth GA is one of the special locksmiths in dealing with the commercial sector and for that, they mainly recommend electronic or digital-based locking systems. According to them, no one should be left behind regarding security.