In the manual locking category, the most common locks locksmiths using are padlocks, deadbolt locks, lever handle locks, knob locks, rim mortise, interchangeable core locks, and many other. In all these above-mentioned locks padlock holds maximum demand. It is a lock you can observe common in use. Padlocks come in three variants, the first is the keyed variant, the second is the combination locks and the third one is the interchangeable core padlocks. All are different and best. Combination padlocks provide keyless entry and this concept is initially originated from it. Manual locks are best in securing residential areas. For any query about manual locks, you can ask locksmith allen for that. Different area demands different manual locks. Padlocks are much needed for home security. Lever handle locks are used widely within hotel premises and the deadbolt locks are best for securing the main gate of the property.