Cars, these days, come equipped with transponder chip key mechanism that ensures protection against car thefts. In doing so, it denies access to anyone without the chip key. Therefore, keep locksmith tools ready at hand, in case you lose the keys or lock yourself out of the car.

The complex systems installed in cars nowadays may make it hard to gain access to the car in case you lose your key or remote. If you are looking for locksmith tools to be kept handy in case of such an event this article will be helpful for you.


Locking helps in ensuring safety and makes it possible to control access to a thing or place. It also helps in maintaining security as it limits the entry and thereby makes it difficult to break in. Modern systems based on new age technology use radio waves for transmission and operation of locks and are thus based on complex functioning of systems. Picking a lock with a simple pin is no longer possible and the machinery involved to break open locks has changed drastically. Most modern cars use this technology for security and this enables car owners to ensure the safety of their cars when parked in parking lots or in remote locations.

Car remotes are a modern invention that helps in automated locking of car doors with the help of a button. From several feet the fob or controlling mechanism in a car remote transmits signals through radio waves and secures your car by locking the doors and setting an alarm which goes off on forcible tampering of the doors. This helps in keeping car thieves and meddlers away and ensures that the car does not fall into the wrong hands. Transponder keys use a similar technology and help in opening of car doors only if the key emits a certain wavelength of frequency which is pre-adjusted for your car.

Transmission of radio waves is generally at a specific wavelength and is determined based on the geography it is manufactured in and the model of the car. Encryption of radio waves is done to ensure that the transmission is secure and cannot be broken into by others. Programming these car remotes and transponders is a relatively easy process and can be done by your local automotive dealers or can be done yourself using the prescribed manuals and video presentations. Locksmith Tamarac has some tools   like decoders help in assessing the wavelength of the transmission and helps in setting the lock on your car. Lock pick tools for high security locks and for specific make and model of cars are available and help in making the cars secure.

Lock pick tools also help in entering the car and gaining access in case you lose or misplace the original key. Losing a transmission based key when the car has been locked may be a cause for concern and hence it would be good to have the tools necessary for opening the lock to gain access to the car. Key lock decoders applicable for your specific car must be kept handy to be able to easily gain access to your car.