The interchangeable core specified locking concept is the most unique and different in comparison to any other. Such type of lock came into existence for some specified purpose. With the increasing workload among youth and people regarding their work in an office and any other areas, they become busier which gave birth to an absent-mindedness-based problem within the people. Asa consequence of this,they develop problems inside of them like losing lock keys and other things here and there and this may develop into a problem like security issues and also lock wastage. A lock without its keys is nothing but only a piece of metal that is completely useless and soon locksmith identifies it as a serious issue and came up with the concept of an interchangeable core-based locking system. It is a small thing that is fitted inside of the padlock and deadbolt specification-based locks and can be replaced easily by using an additional specified key. In case of losing lock keys,the locksmith promotes the concept of replacing only the core instead of the whole lock. Locksmith Toronto who is professional in the locking segment highly promotes the use of interchangeable core specified locks.