One of the most imperative features these advanced security locks provide is that they are defiant to the notorious bump key. While most common locks can be picked and bump keyed pretty easily, these locks will defy such attempts. The cylinders have telescopic pins rather than standard pins; this means each pin is actually two pins, one within another. Locksmith Desoto TX brings into use most updated locks to ensure the security of your belongings.

Another special feature is certainly the keys for these advanced security locks. The keys can only be duplicated by the owner of the lock. When you purchase a high security lock you will get a special card which reminds a bit of a credit card. You will sign your signature on the back of this card and from that point on, making copies of your key will only be made by you while presenting this card along with a photo ID to an official dealer. What this means is key control. You can feel safe giving your babysitter or maid a key and knowing that once they return your key, you can give surety that no unauthorized copies have been made. You can sleep well knowing that there are no copies of your keys floating around. This is also great for business owners who want to ensure only they have the keys to their store or place of work.