Lock bumping is one of the many lock-picking techniques. It is a technique used by locksmiths to open locked doors with no key and is equally popular with robbers as a method to break into homes. In this method, a specially filed down key is inserted into the cylinder lock. The ridge is cut to a maximum depth of nine on a key making machine and hence, the bump key is also identified as the 999 key. If you want to know about lock bumping just callĀ locksmith staten island.


After this, it is softly bumped or struck with another object that is usually a screwdriver or mallet. The force used to bump the key jars the pins and pushes them to the sheer line. If this is done successfully, the lock turns and the door opens. Thus, there is no sign of forced entry or the need to damage property which could alarm homeowners or spectators. To add, it takes only a few minutes to complete and does not make any loud noise.