In this modern century, the craze among people for the use of technology-oriented things get increased. Such increment doesn’t occur overnight, technology-related things get slowly induced in day-to-day life. Now technology is seen everywhere also in security-related things. Nowadays locksmiths use most of the locks made of technology some operate on digital configuration and some follow basic electric properties. In the basic locking, category locks with card swipe technology system are included and in the advance form mainly those locks who operate on digital formats such locks are biometric solutions, personal identification number based locks. In both such locks, setup locksmith used a special kind of lock display body in which a screen will show the status of the security whether the system is secured or not it will show on the screen, not only this digital security setup help in providing the input smoothly as compared to others. Locksmith Grapevine always recommends using electronic configuration-based smart locks over any other locks.