After the banking sector, the hotel industry is second in the category where the demand fora locksmith is most commonly seen. As all know the hotel industry is rich in traffic and within this traffic, it is quite difficult to maintain privacy and security there. In the past locksmith mainly prefer lever handle lock and knob lock for securing every corner of the hotel. The best thing about these two locks is that in terms of appearance nothing stands closer to these locks. Especially in the lever handle lock category, locksmith recommends gold plated designs that look premium and important for security. If you look closer to such lock you will find two different working components installed separately on one single base plate.

Like for normal locking clients can use just lever and for secure locking the use of a specific key is necessary. Locksmith Chelsea like knob lock the most because in such a lock keyhole is not separately installed on the base plate but it is installed within the round knob, with this it becomes more convenient for use.