Many few people know that key cutting services are also totally recognized under the category of locksmithing. A locksmith who is mainly known for handling locking unlocking kinds of projects also handles key specific issues which are also the most imperative of the whole locking setup. A lock body with a proper key mechanism is considered as the complete locking setup. In key cutting services, locksmiths mainly do two kinds of operations first is the key copying action and the second is the key duplication procedure. The key duplication process is quite different from simple key copying. For the past, many centuries’ locksmiths are going performing conventional key copying operations in which an original lock key is used for producing different multiple duplicate keys out of it. For such operation, the major tools used by them are clay dough, sharp knife, and other hard key cutting tools. Now such practices are gradually getting extinct and as a replacement locksmith comes up with highly advance technology-oriented machines. Locksmith Mansfield is an expert in performing key cutting specific operations.