In recent years locksmith community is responsible for giving a lot of contributionsto making the world secure and they do so by working hard within the societies not only within the commercial and residential areas but also in all other areas which are important in terms of national importance. Locksmiths extend their working territory by huge involvement in defense areas, forensic areas, and various other government-specified areas. In forensic areas, locksmiths play the most important role in identifying the fingerprint mark of criminals by collecting the traced mark from the lock body and not only this as their property of unlocking any kind of locks this is the reason that locksmiths are also contributing a lot in initiating the investigational process. Locksmith Miami Beach is acting as the forensic locksmith and play a major role in solving various kind of cases. In the majority of cases, forensic locksmiths are hired by investigational agencies and also by the government of the country.