Locksmith is the united form of two different terms first is the lock and the other one is the smith unitedly form the term called the locksmith. as all know smiths are considered as those professionals who are capable ofmolding any normal piece of metal into a definite shape which means in the case of locksmiths, smiths are responsible for dealing with metal for converting it into the well-designed lock. locksmiths are capable of performing various actions associated with the secure locking system and for that, they introduce various kinds of techniques generally named the locksmithing practices in which locksmiths include all those practices which are essential for maintaining a fully secure atmosphere in an area. Some of the practices that are categorized within the locksmithing practices are lock installation methods, lock removal methods, methods associated with lock picking, and other emergency specified operations. Dave’s Locksmith is the famous name of this modern century who is good to handle all major to minor operations regarding security.