In the present-day world, locksmiths are active in a wide range of areas in which public-based sectors, the defense sector, and forensic areas are mainly included. locksmiths divide their work according to these kinds of sectors and with this, they got the identity based on such sectors. Like in public sectors where the involvement of locksmiths is higher as compared to any other sector. Such sector is further classified under three different areas in which residential sub-sector, commercial sub-sector, and automotive sub-sector are mainly included. Locksmith of public sectors is now recognized under the name of residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, and the automotive locksmiths. based on requirement client have to choose any from them. Locksmith Marietta falls under the category of public sector locksmiths in which they hold the best position of the residential category of locksmiths and by nature, they are professionals instead of the local and independent category of locksmiths. They are experts in taking care of apartments and other kinds of bungalow systems.