As per the locksmith of the modern century, they consider digital locking as the future of security. Today there are many different designs in terms of lock available in the market designed by locksmiths. Some of these are a biometric-based locking system, a card-based locking system, a personal identification number-based locking system, artificial intelligence-based locking system. Some of these mentioned locks are programmed in such a manner that if the client adds maximum attempt of an incorrect password, it will automatically block the whole security, which means no one can get inside or outside of the space, for easy accessibility client must call a locksmith for resetting the locks.

The functionality of such types of locks is completely based on the electrical system. A locksmith who was dealing with such type of locks must be well qualified which means must hold complete knowledge about the construction and working of such type of locks. Locksmith Boston is the best example of such above mention type of locksmiths.