Many normal doorknob locks are of a low security mark. Incongruously, these low security mark doorknob locks are the extremely same locks that are installed in house across the nation. Over time a deadbolt lock may experience deterioration, thus needing to be changed. With all of the different brands and alternatives out there you may find it hard picking out a deadbolt lock that goes well with both your security requirements and budget. The following information will touch base on dissimilar types of deadbolt locks, as well as listing the main benefits and loss of each, helping you to make a well-informed decision on which deadbolt lock is correct for you. Locksmith Alexandria VA can fit this security device for uppermost security.

First up is the single cylinder security device. Single cylinder deadbolts have a key cylinder only on one side of the lock. On the opposite side there is a handle. A benefit of single cylinder deadbolts is the reality that you can unlock them from the inside devoid of a key. A possible drawback of having a single cylinder deadbolt installed would be if there is any window or glass installed around and or close sufficient to your door that if not working, would allow an intruder to reach through the broken down glass and unlock the security device.