It’s one of the most frustrating and scary experiences when you go to unlock your car and realize you can’t find your keys. They’re one of the most commonly misplaced items, and people spend an average of 15 minutes looking for them every time they go missing. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to keep you out of being stuck when you can’t find them, spare keys!

Getting spare keys made for your home and car is a great idea to be prepared for those inevitable times when the originals get lost. Follow this guide to make sure you make the most of your car key replacement service and are as prepared as possible.

  1. Do Before an Emergency

If you happen to be reading this before you are stuck with missing keys, we’re here to tell you it’s still time to go make new car keys! Having an extra set of keys around is the best way to avoid being stuck in a parking lot or exceptionally late for work because you can’t find your keys.

Instead, you can either worry about finding your keys later or look for your keys without the stress of feeling stranded because you know you have a second set on hand!

  1. Hire Professionals

This isn’t a task that you can handle on your own, but you want to make sure to hire a car key replacement service that will do a great job of giving you a quality result.

Some replacement offers can’t handle the newer technology found in some key fobs, so do some research to make sure the team you go with can replicate the type of lock your vehicle has.

  1. Make More Than One

Experts recommend making more than one spare key as well; this is to ensure that you’re even more covered. Every driver of the car should have a spare key. And then one responsible, trustworthy adult who isn’t a primary driver should have one as well.

This is a good rule of thumb to follow as you plan how many new car keys to have your locksmith service make.

  1. Store Them in Safe Places

Having the extra keys made is a great first step, but you have to find the right places to store them. The key is to find the balance between making them accessible and not where they’d be lost as well.

Professionals suggest keeping one hidden on the vehicle itself and at least one with another trusted adult who could bring it to you as a good place to start.

Tips for Car Key Replacement

Once you’ve made a plan for getting your car key replacement made and where you’re going to store it, it’s time to find the right professionals to do it. This is possibly the most important step to having a positive experience.

When you work with a car locksmith Raleigh NC, you know you’re getting high-quality workmanship promptly. You can trust that these experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle any make and model of car key. They can also come to you in case of an emergency to get you back on the road in no time.